Friday, September 30, 2005

Space Cadets

A sleepy little town in Puerto Rico is to build one of the world's only alien landing strips.

A local school-teacher, Reynaldo Rios has already encouraged one of his neighbours to erect a sign on his land saying "Extra-terrestrial route". The next stage is a $100,000, 80foot long landing zone, complete with pyramids as control towers because "aliens like those."

The local mayor has lent his support to the plans. He's one of the many locals who claim to have already seen UFO activity in the skies near their homes. Cynics have suggested that these strange lights and flashes are more likely to have been the activities of a US air force aerostat; a tethered blimp with a radar system situated nearby to detect low-flying drug smuggling planes. However, hundreds of paranormal-hungry tourists have already visited since Rios' sign was erected and some commentators are already suggesting the area could become the next Roswell.

Meanwhile, over in California, the Unarius society remain convinced that their friends the Space Brothers will visit the landing zone they have prepared. They're holding their 22nd International Conclave Of Light on October 7-9, where, for the bargain fee of $195, you can learn more about the 32 planets of the Interplanetary Federation and Earth's own invitation to become the 33rd member of this inter-galactic 'United Nations.' Some meals and all Conclave activities are included in the price.

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