Saturday, September 17, 2005

Good advice from my Dad

If you find some money on the street, look around and see if there's any more about.
I found a £50 note last night...just lying there... unclaimable... lost...hurray.... but was so excited I forgot to check if there was more still. I could be contemplating an even bigger spree.
Mind you, I'm not complaining. Has set my day up quite nicely - and the sun's shining.


M.Gaubert said...

I lost a fifty last time I was in Oxford, and I know where you live, so give it back. Otherwise I'll have to speak to one of your earlier correspondents about refinancing my debt.

On the Ruth Kelly issue, I think you're overlooking the possibility that some good might come out of all this. Perhaps she'll turn over our rotting education system - lock, stock and blackboard - to the jesuits. They'd instil some discipline into our asbo'd-up youth, by gad. And with their penchant for abstact reasoning over vocational education, they'd be jamming an ornate catholic stick in Tony's wheels of evil. Rock on, Ruth.

Sam Jordison said...

Yes, these refinancing people do seem to enjoy my blog... they're full of praise and encouragment it seems. How very touching these electornic mass-mailings can be. Perhaps I should invest in their useless products.

As for R Kelly, I hadn't thought of that aspect. Anything that slows down Tony's handcart... and I can think of a number of youngs who would definitely benefit from a good stern measure of the lash...

But you can't have the money back because I've spent it (burps in satisfaction)

Anonymous said...

Your pops was right. I was dead broke and handsome one day not too many years ago, wondering what kind of godawful kitchen condiment I would be rolling into a homemade cigarette that night, when lo and behold, a fifty dollar note in the gutter! I was already pretty late for work but it didn't matter - I scoured that gutter up and down and sure enough, I found another twenty nearby. Result? Happiness. And I could save the powdered coffee for smoking some other time.

Jon Block said...

I found 20 quid on the ground a few months ago. It wouldn't have been so strange if it wasn't for the fact that it was in Camden Town, the crack and heroine centre of North London. I didn't think of looking for any more money. In fact I picked it up rather guiltily as I realised I was depriving some poor smack-head of their much needed fix. I went and spent the money on a couple of books and a double cappucino and cake - I'm sure they'd have been proud!