Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The truth is out there...

The Joy Of Sects - an A-Z of cults, cranks and religious eccentrics is due to hit the shelves of UK bookshops this week.

Here's the full A-Z list of entries:

The Aetherius Society, The Apostles of Infinite Love, Aum Shinri Kyo, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the Sannyasin (aka Osho), Arthur Blessit, Branch Davidians (David Koresh) , Breatharianism, British Israelism, Cargo Cults, Chen Tao, Christian Voice, The Coalition Against Civilisation, Creflo Dollar Ministries, Aleister Crowley, The Cynics, Dame Eleanor Davies, Divine Madness, The Emin (aka The Template Foundation), Exegesis, The Family (aka The Children Of God), The Findhorn Foundation, The Flat Earth Society, The Garbage Eaters (aka The Brethren), The Gentle Wind Project, Hermes Far Eastern Shining, Ho-no-Hana Sampogyo, The House of Yahweh, The International Society of Krishna Consciousness (aka Hare Krishna), Dr Gustav Jaeger and the science of psycho-osmology, Jehovah’s Witnesses (aka The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society), The Jesus Army, Joachim of Fiore, The Kabbalah Centre, The Latter-day Saints, Klaus Ludwig and the Blood Friends, The Manson Family (Charles Manson), Matrixism, William Miller and the Millerites, Morningland, Moses of Crete, The Nation of Islam, New Acropolis, Opus Dei, The Order of the Solar Temple, The Panacea Society, The Panawave Laboratory Group, The People’s Temple, Queen Shahmia, RaĆ«lism (Raelism), The Ranters, Roman Catholicism, The Church of Satan, Sathya Sai Baba, Scientology, The Society of Women in the Wilderness, The Thugs, The Ticklers, Truth Missionaries Chapter of Positive Accord, Unarius, The Unification Church (aka The Moonies), Vibrational Individuation Programme, Voluntary Human Extinction Movement , The Westboro Baptist Church, XXXX (aka The No Names, The Two-By-Twos), Yahweh Ben Yahweh and the Nation of Yahweh , Sabbatai Zevi.

Please run out and buy it, tell all your friends, order it from if you live abroad etc, etc.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Moon landing

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon, an octogenarian who once appeared in the Guinness Book of Records for marrying the most couples in one go and the leader of The Unification Church, the group most commonly known as the Moonies is on his way to the UK.

Michael Howard banned him in 1995 as a threat to public order but Charles Clarke's home-office have now been quoted as saying:
"We can confirm that the exclusion order against him has been lifted.

"We keep exclusions under review. The Unification Church in the United Kingdom is extremely small and any visit by its founder is considered unlikely to pose any threat to the public order of this country."

He's due to arrive in his private Lear Jet in time to give a speech to religious conference, almost exactly 70 years since the day he claimed to meet Jesus on a hillside.

More details can be found here.

Full details of his extraordinary career can be found in The Joy Of Sects.