Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jerry Spinger The Opera

In spite of the threat of pickets, legal action and general harrassment from Christian Voice, the Jerry Springer The Opera tour is going ahead.

Book now to avoid disappointment, help protect freedom of expression and most excitingly (if you believe this press release) "bring the judgement of Almighty God on the United Kingdom."


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about Jerry Springer The Opera, it was always just something on billboards to me, but reading this BBC story brings it home:

One person says:
"It shows Jesus as a homosexual and that is entirely false."
Well, a) how do you know his chastiy wasn't Stephen Fry-style and b) if you've got true faith (which to my aestheist mind is pretty odd, tantamount to superstition), you really shouldn't allow a bit of pop culture freedom of speech criticism to upset you.

Sam Jordison said...

Quite... and as Philip Hensher neatly put it in the Independent, the attitude of most of the so-called Christians complaining about the "offense" they've received from the gay jokes is itself, "offensively" homophobic... not to mention all the other appalling anti-gay nonsense they tend to spout. Just have a scoot around the Christian Voice website to see what I mean (or, of course, read the forthcoming excellent blah,blah,blah 'Joy Of Sects').

Not that that means Christian Voice should be banned/ shut down/ lashed/ killed or whatever it is they want to do to the Jerry Springer people - it's (almost) a free country after all...