Friday, February 10, 2006

While everyone's been worrying about those damn cartoons...

... the terrifying news from The House Of Yahweh group has gone unnoticed!

Yisrayl Hawkins has announced in their latest newsletter that "The End Is Almost Here!" According to his latest newsletter: "Those Left Alive At The End Of The Last Three And One-half Year Time Period Will Be Keeping Yahweh's Sabbaths".

He predicts pandemics, epidemics, fear, hatred and nuclear wars... which will grow worse each month "as the pains upon a woman with child."* Ouch. Only those who follow Yahweh's Laws will survive. And there won't be many of them.

*Yisrayl Hawkinsmay be wrong... It won't be the first time. Readers of The Joy Of Sects may recall how he expeccted to be murdered by Satan in the year 2000. "Thankfully we only have a year left of this madness," he said in 1999

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