Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's just a poxy picture...

Not even a very good one.

But there is a principle at stake. And given a choice between mild bad taste and repressive and murderous religious bigotry I'd go for the crappy cartoon every time.

To see the twelve cartoons that have caused such an uproar click here. They're all of equally dubious quality.

More details on the boycott of Danish goods, the withdrawal of the Saudi Ambassador to Denmark because one of their papers first printed the image - and the concomitant furor (bomb threats, storming of the EU embassy in Palestine and savage beatings meted out on Danish workers in the Middle East) can be found here.

To see that there's nothing new about making caricatures of God or Mohammed, even within Islamic culture, click here.

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greg said...

very behind the times I know, but anyway, i just got internet connection the other day.

Just wanted to point out that the problem was never cartoons of the prophet Mohammed - the problem was the colossal war crimes in Iraq, the disregard for Palestinians, and the general willingness to prop up scumbags, both secular and religious, as long as they do what our lot tell them. If none of this had happened, then the cartoons would have met with little more than some sharp comments, or more likely not been noticed at all, due to their very low merit.

And it sticks in my throat that the Western way of life apparently involves free speech. Because it's enshrined in the UK constitution, isn't it. Oh no, my mistake. We haven't got one of them, because a bunch of scrounging alcoholics are the best ambassadors for Britain - though phrased like that they do sound more representative than I'd thought.