Monday, November 05, 2007

Annus Horribilis

My latest book is in the shops now and available on


Patriot said...

The Great Conspiracy by The Lib Lab Cons, the Civil Service and the Press to deceive the British
and shoehorn us into the EU. Devolution is to promote DISUNITY. ( Divide and Conquer ! )

Foreign Office Documents.
BBC Scotland
Daily Mirror
Against Powell

More at :-

Anonymous said...

Sam Jordison is just misleading people for him to earn money easily. Imagine him selling his nonsense books… and asking Bro. Eli to pay him in exchange for the humiliation he will receice because of as he said his “own point of view”. He clearly stated that what he tells people are just his point of view… so better think twice before believing in this man!

What a poor guy? No wonder he mocked our God to have some publicity or I might say SHAME to sell his books. I hope he realize his mistakes and submit himself to our God’s guidance. Thanks be to God for giving Bro Eli the courage, strength and undisputable wisdom to defend His Words. To God Be The Glory.

Humiliation for sale!!! :))

Even if Jordison’s books are free, won’t take it… will just consume space. What a piece of crap!

Anonymous said...

To Sam:

your books are compared to a roller coaster ride. It will make you feel dizzy and crazy, yet your paying for it!
Its a lot of nonsense!!

It simply means that you are selling people shit!! and your victims didn’t know about it. They are buying ticket to hell!!

asking a fee for a debate?!! what priniple in life do you have?! all for money?!!!

we want a debate! not prepaid!