Thursday, June 29, 2006

Scientology Orientation video Part 10 of 10

You could reject Scientology... "It's up to you. It would be stupid, but you could do it. You could also dive off a bridge or blow your brains out. It's your choice."

Awesome music too.

EDIT - This video has now mysteriously disappeared from Youtube. Shame.


CaptPorridge said...

OOp$ the vdeo i$ gone; I $u$pect the Bank of $cientology!

I $aw the vid and here are $ome random thought$ and my favorite quote.

I like how you see $cientologist$ walking in the background going through that important looking door with that groovy $ci-Fi emblem. The fir$t girl i$ wearing a doctor'$ outfit! They walk a$ though they are on $ome important world $aving mi$$ion. It remind$ me of the old $tar Trek where you $ee random crew member$ $currying through corridor$. I like that touch.

My Favorite Bit:

"If you leave thi$ room after $eeing thi$ film and walk out and never mention $cientology again, you are perfectly free to do $o. It would be $tupid, but you can do it. You can al$o dive off a bridge or blow your brain$ out. That i$ your choice. But if you don't walk out that way, if you continue with $cientology, we will be very happy with you, and [i]you [/i]will be very happy with you. You will have proven that you are a friend of your$."

$cientology ha$ the power and money to control and brainwa$h Tom Cruise and Katie, but they can't hire $omeone to hold a camera $teady?

P$ $orry, I know it'$ annoying, but I like to u$e dollar $ign$ instead of S'$ when doing $cientology

Sam Jordison said...

Damn! it was very amusing too.

Anonymous said... - New working link to the Scientology Orientation video! :D

Jana said...

i saw the video, most of the scientology stuff is amusing;) if not worrying as in my case- my friend started with it and he doesnt want to listen to anyone-he knows better and wants to increase his IQ as well!;)

Steven Augustine said...


A brilliant tool for owning those YouTube uploads least likely to remain public:

Sam Jordison said...

Thank you... I'll make sure I use it next time...