Saturday, May 06, 2006

Great British Yoga Festival to be held at Osho cult centre

The Great British Yoga Festival has been recommended in today's Weekend supplement of The Guardian newspaper. This innocent seeming event is being held at Osho Leela, the headquarters of a cult viewed by many experts in the field as extremely dangerous and destructive and which has a long mucky history of mental and physical abuse, and even, on one notable occasion, engaged in bio-terrorism.

Various extremely problematic 'therapy' techniques are practiced there, which have often been likened to brainwashing. It is a place no one should go without a thorough understanding of what they are getting into - and how to get back out again.

For more information on the weird, wonderful and very dangerous history of the Osho cult, click here.


Anonymous said...

I just found out that Paul Chek well known fitness instructor-has joined this cult-bigtime-Paul Chek is promoting the Osho cult bigtime on his blog-Good grief the man is well into middleage you think he would have some sense!

brian holden said...

this article is complete nonsense Ask any one from Frank Skinner to Terranc Stamp

Stuart Barker said...

Frank Skinner was shown one very carefully stage managed aspect of Osho Lela, in the sure knowledge that it would be great publicity for the place. Skinner did no research to the background of Osho and asked no hard questions. Not surprisingly he came away with a positive impression. I went to a Humaniversity course at Osho Leela and it was nothing like the experience Skinner had. Sleep deprivation, extreme physical exercise, group sex and communal showers all serve to sway/ distract ones normal judgements. I came away with permanent Achilles tendon damage and consider myself lucky I didn't get sucked in for more.