Saturday, April 01, 2006

Prayers not answered

A huge US study has come to the conclusion that prayer does not affect heart patients!

The perhaps not surprising results were obtained after 1,800 patients at six different medical centres were split into three groups of about 600 apiece: those who knew they were being prayed for, those who were prayed for but only knew it was a possibility, and those who weren't prayed for but were told it was a possibility. While the prayers didn't make a bit of difference, those who knew they were being prayed for actually had a worse recovery rate...

Click here for the full story from CNN.

"Researchers emphasized their work does not address whether God exists or answers prayers made on another's behalf."
They also said they had no explanation for the higher complication rate in patients who knew they were being prayed for, in comparison to patients who only knew it was possible prayers were being said for them."

The survey was sponsored by The Templeton Foundation which supports research into science and religion.

'God' was unavailable for comment.

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