Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cargo arrives!

The John Frum Cargo Cult believes that that their long promised ship loads of presents may finally be on the way. When the government of Vanatu announced news recently of a Millennium Challenge Fund from the US cult followers on the island of Tanna were very pleased indeed.

As Radio Vannatu explains: "Minister of Finance, Willie Jimmy Tapangararua confirmed that the government was aware of the misunderstanding and confusion surrounding the US Millennium Challenge Account, amongst members of the cult movement.

John Frum representative in Parliament under the umbrella of the Union of Moderate Parties (UMP), Hon. Keasipai Song, told parliament this morning that members of this cargo cult, believed that the Millennium Fund, was a fulfillment of promises by its founder, John Frum, an American medical corpsman, who promised the bushmen after the war, of ship loads of presents.

MP Song said he has found it difficult to convince them to believe otherwise.

"“I can explain to them how the funds were made possible for Vanuatu to develop its infrastructure but I will not be wearing the right glove to clearly deliver that message to them," he told parliament.

"“Can you yourself, Hon. Minister of Finance, come to Tanna to explain it to them," he asked.

In response, Minister Jimmy confirmed that the government is aware of the "“problem"” and that it is looking at engaging a team consisting of members of the TCS to travel to Tanna to explain it how the funds were made available to the Vanuatu Government and the people of Vanuatu."

Looks like they'll be waiting for a while yet then...

For an outline of the strange story and incredible beliefs of the Cargo Cults, click here

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