Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Call to boycott Scientology

Not a bad idea...


Although it's going to be hard to stop watching the Simpsons/ listening to Isaac Hayes.


Anonymous said...

Here is another site which rips the piss out of poor old Tom: http://scientomogy.info/index.html

Indian Capitalist said...

Sammy, I am with you all the way in your fight against different sorts of cults. Scientology is an evil cult and it is the duty of every right thinking individual to work for its eradication.

But I would like you to start campaigning against the most dangerous cult of all. The cult of vitiated communists, which has already claimed hunderds of millions of lifes around the world.

Baby it is time you gave your heart and mind to destroying communism.

Anonymous said...

This is what the Church of Scientology has done to me, because I'm a critic of them-

They first tried to shut down my webhost

Then they had a P.I. call my work that told lies to my employer to get me fired

and now they did this-

wow- nice religion.........